Who is e-brink

A Brief Summary of Who I am...

I was in the business of graphic design and marketing for many years, running under the name of Peter Hague Concept - Design - Art Direction. In the last three decades I have focussed a great deal on digital art, using various 3D programs – along with the more traditional ones I have used for years, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. While specialising in 3D work I became known as e-brink, which is now what you might call my 'art name' and I sign my images with it. I am also known by that name in the virtual world of Second Life, where I became a resident and a content creator.

'The word e-brink' came from a secret moment in my life that changed it in many ways, just as it continues to change now – taking me all the time into the deeper, unexplored regions of personal creativity and expression.

As Peter Hague, I am currently committed to promoting my writing and my poetry, which has been a life-long pursuit. Whether the two disciplines of art and literature one day collide remains to be seen. Either way, both Peter Hague and e-brink – prefer to exist as quietly as the work will allow – the rest is in the pictures and the words.

Regards Peter Hague


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