Passing Through

On the evening of the 3rd December 1926, 36 year old Agatha Christie disappeared from her home and went missing, leaving her car abandoned on the edge of a cliff. No one knew where she was and there was great speculation in the press .'The Disappearance of a Famous Woman Novelist' and a huge manhunt took place. However, eleven days later she was identified as a guest at the Swan Hydropathic Hotel in Harrogate, Yorkshire, registered as Mrs Teresa Neele and having travelled by train from London, probably on the LNER. Christie never gave an account of her disappearance. Doctors diagnosed her as suffering from amnesia but opinions still vary as to the reasons for her disappearance. One suggestion is that she had argued with her husband, having discovered he was having an affair with another woman... also called 'Neele'. Agatha Christie took the truth with her to her grave – perhaps her greatest mystery of all.

This image was produced using Daz|Studio and Photoshop. It was the No.1 best rated image at Renderosity March 2009.

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