The Swamp

Fact: In the year 1800, the population of Earth was less than 1 billion and had been stable for 10,000 years. By 1950 it had grown to around 2 billion and by 2010, it is a staggering 6.8 billion - and the 'expert' idiots are planning for it to be 9 billion relatively soon. Earth cannot take this! It does not need time wasting scientific evaluation, just common sense. Just a small reduction in the human birth rate is all that is required. After all, if there were no more births from today onwards the population of Earth would be virtually zero in just a hundred years, so just how hard can it be to get back to sensible levels? I believe the population is the key to solving so many of our problems, including global warming, hunger, crime, instability and insecurity. Although all these have been a problem through history I can't help but believe that the way we live now is likely to lead to a total breakdown of everything - there is NO SAFETY in such great numbers. It is already apparent now in the increasingly inhuman way many are forced to live - we have a broken culture of hunger and guilt - but even the so-called rich nations can barely support themselves now... they just borrow - from who is the biggest worry of all. My picture is one of the not too distant future, where mankind has used up just about everything, including the patience of the icecaps, which have melted and flooded once great cities... then nature fought back. A great pandemic spread across the world easily, a 'Black Death' riding first class or in cramped train compartments. With whole nations migrating to take over the 'richer' areas of the world the spread was too swift for the slow minds of vote-chained politicians to act – But at least Nature finally achieved what it needed to survive – less people. Ironically, people probably needed that to survive too! Those that are left have returned – not quite to sticks and stones – but progressively to steam and wind powered, elegant transport. You can't keep a born explorer and showman down.
This image was produced using Carrara and Photoshop and the above caption was written, believe it or not, in 2010! It's getting late.

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