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By: Colourdemon | Date: Feb 12, 2010 |
wow... as a fan of your work i must say... wow... nohonestly... your gallery is stunning but today i take a first view on your animations... you leave me speechless... "armada" is the best i´ve seen in ages... all these ballons, these airships... must be tons of rendering frames and millions of hours to create this... absolutely outstanding... peter now its time to call you "MASTER" i bend my head and say... thank you so much for sharing your finest art with us...

By: three_grrrs from Renderosity, aka Rita | Date: Feb 10, 2010 |
So glad I get your newsletter, this way I don't miss any of your new works! I loved each one in these new posting, particularily "nine cats" and "swamp". I adore cats though I have none living with me now, and I recently saw a program about how the world would look after humanity as died. Your "swamp" scene is much like some of the scenes shown on that program. Beautiful, breathtaking work, always. I thank you for them.

By: Faviok | Date: Feb 5, 2010 |
Peter meu amigo, parabéns poe mais esta bela obra de arte

By: Steff_7 | Date: Jan 21, 2010 |
Hey Peter,

Been going through your animations and loving them... Awesome work and when is the feature film due out...???

Awesome site... Steve...

By: mikeerson | Date: Jan 6, 2010 |
Hey Peter,
Finally found out where your batcave is - lol... Fantastic site, been here about an hour, love your animation.... the soundtrack is top notch too. I liked intruder the best, but it was probably because it was the first one I seen... Ya got some awesome work here - very impressed. Thanks for getting me in touch with your work, I appreciate it... and now that I've been here and visited, I think you're 3 times greater than before.... just really great stuff.

By: Elke | Date: Jan 4, 2010 |
Wonderful works,wonderful homepage, very fantastic Gallery by Rendero, hugs Elke (Nefertiabet)

By: ACue | Date: Jan 2, 2010 |
Amazing place to visit ... so much to explore and enjoy.

By: Orinoor | Date: Dec 26, 2009 |
Your Christmas image is jaw-dropping, very beautiful and the concept behind it is great. Also, your animated snow globe is really good, I especially like the old look you've given it, with the streaks and glitches like an old film. I hope this new year coming up will see more great works from such an astounding artist. I can't wait!

By: Flaviok | Date: Dec 23, 2009 |
Parabéns, animação natalinas magnificas Peter.
Que tenha um Natal e um 2010 repleto de felicidades, realições e alegrias meu amigo.

By: Robert Schlenker "uba" | Date: Dec 12, 2009 |
Second or third time here, always seem to find something I hadn't seen before. Really enjoyed Professor Eugene "The Experiment" & the slide show. Your images are amazing,fantastic and very creative!

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